We were born for you in 2018, to create sophisticated pieces for you, inspired by how incredible women are as well as our logo, the lotus flower, the one that is born from mud but is effortlessly elegant, representing the beauty of the body and soul.


We create sophisticated pieces perfect for you, so you can shine, and also be in harmony with nature.

Each piece is made by hand by Colombian artists!



We love our planet and we know there is no planet B! we can call home, that’s why strive every day to minimize waste and seek more environmentally friendly practices to be in harmony with our Earth.

We use new textiles and more environmentally friendly processes!

Did you know?…

● Our lycra fabrics are made from recycled pet bottles, 13 PET bottles are needed for each meter of fabric! this represents a saving of 71% polyester

● Our trunks fabrics have 50% recycled polyester

● Our fabrics for resort wear have recycled polyester between 50% to 70%

● Our stamping processes reduce water consumption by 98%